About the writer

Hello! I am a 14 year old going into my freshman year of high school. My dream in life is to help people through medicine and also stories. Currently, I am in quarantine and I thought that this is the best time to start this because of all of the time I have now.

How I find my inspiration: I live in Arizona and I enjoy the sunsets and they just give me an idea to write about. I also love the artist NF and he means so much to me. I also get inspiration from watching horror movies and paranormal adventures. I really love horror, so a fair share of my essays and work will be paranormal related. I also write about love and hurt.

My goal: My goal with this website is to bring people together and to share the stories that no one has told. I also want to be an inspiration for others.

Do I sell my work: Yes, I have sold a few of my poems to different places like the poetry barn and I’m still awaiting on a response. I will write you poems about anything or even an essay.

Costs: For a poem, it will be around $5 but if you email me, we can negotiate. For an essay, it will be around $8 just because I do write longer essays than usual.

Time to get the work: For a poem, it can take me around 1-3 hours to write, while a good essay could take from 1-2 days to complete.

If you want examples of my poems and or essays, then check out the poems and essay tabs!

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